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Kacy Martinez Finishes 2nd at Round 2 of AMA National Hare & Hound Championship

Kacy Martinez Finishes 2nd at Round 2 of AMA National Hare & Hound Championship

Round 2 – AMA National Hare & Hound – February 12, 2017


ALAMOGORDO, N.M. – Round 2 of the AMA National Hare & Hound Series took place on Sunday in Alamogordo, New Mexico where FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Kacy Martinez finished 2nd place after an intense three-hour battle with KTM-mounted rider Britney Gallegos.

With a slightly different start procedure than usual, Martinez lined up in row three for the Women 86cc-Open A Class start, alongside other A-level classes. Martinez powered her KTM 250 XC-F to a decent start as she tucked inside to pass a few riders through the first turn.

Martinez settled into the 2nd place position on loop one, which consisted of 46 miles of terrain. At the end of the first loop, Martinez made a move to take over the lead from Gallegos as the two battled it out through the 36-mile second loop. Gallegos passed Martinez back and the two riders came through the end of loop two with a 12-second difference between them.

Loop three was a repeat of the second loop, as riders continued on the 36-mile trail. Martinez upped the pace on the final loop as she caught and passed Gallegos for the lead position. However, Gallegos reclaimed the lead with about five miles to go until the finish, as the two KTM-mounted riders came through the finish only seconds apart to claim the top two steps of the podium.

Martinez: “Of course I’m not completely satisfied with finishing 2nd but I definitely learned a lot racing through the hard-packed conditions and fast course layout, which is something I don’t have as much experience with. All-in-all I’m pretty happy and looking forward to the next round!”

FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Taylor Robert and Ivan Ramirez were not able to compete in Round 2. Ramirez is sitting out due to an unknown illness that drains his energy levels and Robert is recovering from surgery following an injury sustained during a racing event last Sunday, Feb. 5.

Women’s Class Results

1. Britney Gallegos – KTM
2. Kacy Martinez – KTM
3. Stephanie Woolslayer
4. Rebecca Stout – KTM

Women’s Class Championship Standings

1. Britney Gallegos (55)
2. Kacy Martinez (55)
3. Stephanie Woolslayer (35)
4. Rachel Gutish (21)
5. Rebecca Stout (18)

Kacy Martinez Clinches AMA National Enduro Series Championship

Kacy Martinez Clinches AMA National Enduro Series Championship at Penultimate Round

Round 8 – AMA National Enduro Series – September 18, 2016


PARK HILLS, Mo. – It was a solid day for KTM racers at the Lead Belt National Enduro for Round 8 of the AMA National Enduro Series. FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Kacy Martinez wrapped up the Women’s A/B Championship one round early with a class win, while her Pro Class teammate Russell Bobbitt earned 2nd overall to carry his championship points lead into the final round of racing. SRT/KTM rider Steward Baylor Jr. earned his second Pro Class victory, where he moved into 2nd place in the championship standings.

Held in Park Hills, Missouri, the penultimate round saw ideal track conditions after almost two days of rainfall leading up to Sunday’s racing. Most of the course soaked up the much-needed rain but a few mudholes still lingered throughout the woods on race day.

Steward Baylor came out swinging to capture the test-one victory aboard his KTM 450 XC-F. From there, the South Carolina native didn’t miss a beat as he went on to capture three additional test-wins and two 2nd place finishes throughout the six-test competition.

Bobbitt got off to a slow start, where he finished 4th place on the opening test. Bobbitt continued to improve with each test as he powered his KTM 250 XC-F into 3rd place for the next three sections. On test four, the four-time AMA National Enduro Champion captured his first win of the day after overcoming a small crash on the waterfall crossing. Bobbitt was able to capture a close 2nd-place finish on the sixth and final test, which ultimately gave him 2nd overall for the day.

Bobbitt: “I’m feeling alright about 2nd place today. Obviously I would like to be in the center of the box but I’m heading into the final round with the points lead and I’m looking forward to a good race in Tulsa!”

Bobbitt holds a 19-point lead over S. Baylor in the Pro Class Championship Standings as the series heads into its final round in October.

SRT/KTM rider Cory Buttrick earned a top-five overall finish after a consistent string of top-five finishes, including a 3rd place finish in the final test of the day.

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Kacy Martinez clinched the 2016 AMA National Enduro Championship after securing her 5th victory of the season in the Women’s A/B Class. Martinez led her class the entire day while maintaining an impressive position inside the top 50 overall out of over 400 riders.

Martinez: “I couldn’t be happier about winning this championship! I would like to thank the entire KTM crew for all their support and hard work, and for believing in me. I’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to this point and I’m so thankful for everyone that has supported me along the way.”

Next Event: October 23, 2016 – Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Overall Results
Steward Baylor Jr. – KTM
Russell Bobbitt – KTM
Josh Strang
Grant Baylor
Cory Buttrick – KTM
Nick Fahringer
Ryder Lafferty
Dylan MacRitchie
Nathan Federer
Drew Higgins – KTM

Women’s A/B Results
Kacy Martinez – KTM
Jamie Wells
Sarah Baldwin
Destiny Slawson – KTM
Kristina Zmuda – KTM
Danielle Slawson – KTM
Dawn Silvia
Megan Kennon – KTM
Tayler Bonecutter
Lauren Stretz – KTM

Overall Championship Standings
Russell Bobbitt – 199
Steward Baylor Jr. – 182
Grant Baylor – 171
Josh Strang – 139
Jesse Groemm – 109

Women’s A/B Championship Standings
Kacy Martinez – 200
Shawn Davidson – 156
Ashlee Applewhite – 124

Kailub Russell and Kacy Martinez Score Big Wins at John Penton GNCC

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Kailub Russell and Kacy Martinez Score Big Wins at John Penton GNCC


Round 7 – GNCC Series – May 29, 2016

MILLFIELD, Ohio – It was a successful day of racing for the FMF KTM Factory Racing Team as Kailub Russell and Kacy Martinez each scored an overall victory in their respective divisions at Round 7 of the GNCC Series. In addition to its success on the track, the entire FMF KTM Factory Racing Team was on hand all day to support and encourage Youth off-road racers for the 12th Annual KTM Youth Day at the John Penton GNCC.

The John Penton GNCC offered a rough course for riders on Sunday afternoon, showcasing many ruts, breaking bumps and high speed sections, while taking place in hot and humid conditions. In the 1 p.m. race, Russell fired his KTM 350 XC-F right away to capture the XC1 Pro Class holeshot and early lead.

The three-time GNCC National Champion immediately began to sprint in hopes of opening a gap on the rest of the field. However, Russell made a mistake and blew a turn, where he got caught up in a bunch of trees and ultimately lost two positions. After remounting, Russell reclaimed the front position and went back to work in establishing a comfortable lead over the rest of the field.

Russell maintained a steady gap through the first half of the race until the 2nd place rider of Josh Strang put on a charge to close the gap. Russell responded by dropping the hammer in the final two laps, where he ultimately finished over two-minutes ahead of Strang.

“I knew Josh was starting to make a charge near the end so I dropped the hammer and tried to create a bigger gap on him,” Russell said. “The track conditions were perfect today. It’s always fun to race at the John Penton GNCC, I’ve got a lot of friends here and it was nice to come back to my grandpa’s farm.”

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Russell Bobbitt, current National Enduro Series points leader, joined his teammates for Round 7 of the GNCC Series where he finished 6th in the XC1 Pro Class and 10th overall. After getting a good jump off the line aboard his KTM 250 XC-F, Bobbitt got pinched off the start to begin the race at the back of the pack.

Bobbitt made up some ground early on but a crash sent him back once again after spending time re-entering the course where he came off. From there, Bobbitt worked his way back up to 6th and despite a couple of small crashes, the Georgia native finished solid in 6th place. Bobbitt has plans to race a majority of the remaining GNCC rounds as a replacement rider for the recently retired Charlie Mullins.

In the 10 a.m. race, FMF KTM Factory Team rider Kacy Martinez immediately put her KTM 250 XC-F out front after grabbing the WXC holeshot and early lead. Australian rider Tayla Jones passed Martinez for the lead on lap one and the duo continued to battle as Martinez got back around Jones on the same lap.

Martinez eventually settled into a comfortable lead over Jones, where she maintained her position for a majority of the race. Jones made a charge on lap four, where she came within 35 seconds of the leader Martinez but in the end, Martinez extended the gap to over one-minute as the checkered flag flew.

“It feels good to be on top of the box again,” Martinez said. “I had a couple struggles the last few rounds but I stayed with Charlie Mullins the week before this to train and work on some things and I felt really good today.”

Next Event: Odessa, New York – June 12, 2016

Overall Results (XC1 Pro and XC2 Pro Lites Combined)

1. Kailub Russell – KTM

2. Josh Strang

3. Thad DuVall

4. Ricky Russell

5. Craig DeLong

6. Layne Michael

7. Michael Witkowski – KTM

8. Steward Baylor Jr. – KTM

9. Trevor Bollinger

10. Russell Bobbitt – KTM

Results WXC Class

1. Kacy Martinez – KTM

2. Tayla Jones

3. Becca Sheets

Overall Point Standings

1. Kailub Russell (196)

2. Josh Strang (167)

3. Chris Bach (105)

4. Trevor Bollinger (89)

5. Jordan Ashburn (84)

6. Craig DeLong (81)

7. Daniel Milner (80)

8. Steward Baylor Jr. (75)

9. Thad DuVall (74)

10. Ryan Sipes (66)

Overall Point Standings WXC

1. Becca Sheets (130)

2. Brooke Cosner (126)

3. Kacy Martinez (120)