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Ryan Dungey Emerges Victorious at a Muddy Las Vegas Supercross Finale

Ryan Dungey Emerges Victorious at a Muddy Las Vegas Supercross Finale
Round 17 – AMA 450SX Championship – May 7, 2016


LAS VEGAS – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Ryan Dungey emerged victorious despite challenging track conditions at the 17th and final round of the 450SX Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. After clinching the 2016 450SX Championship at the penultimate round last week, Dungey rounded out the season in a big way with his 31st career victory.

Inclement weather cancelled the morning’s qualifying sessions as a major downpour occurred just after the first practice. As a result, the evening’s qualifying positions were pulled from the free practice, where Dungey put his KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition atop the field, with Musquin in the 7th place position.

Both riders were seeded into 450SX Heat 2, where unfavorable track conditions awaited following hours of heavy rain. Despite the muddy obstacles, Dungey captured the holeshot and led all five laps of the heat race. Musquin began the race in the 5th place position where he was unable to make an advance into a transfer spot.

Musquin lined up in 450SX Semi 2, where he was able to secure a transfer position into the Main Event with a 3rd place finish.

In the 450SX Main Event, Dungey shot off the line to capture the holeshot and the early lead in the race, while Musquin followed close behind in 4th. Dungey led the first six laps of the Main Event before Ken Roczen made a pass to take over the lead. However, Roczen lost control and crashed through a rhythm section soon after, and Dungey, with nowhere to go, ran into him and crashed as well. Dungey quickly remounted and reclaimed the lead, while Roczen eventually pulled off.

Meanwhile, Musquin was riding a solid pace inside the top five when he landed off a double and collided with another rider, causing him to crash hard. As a result, Musquin was forced to pull into the mechanic’s area to make adjustments to the bike.

Dungey held strong amidst a chaotic Main Event to capture his 9th victory of the season in Las Vegas.

“Tonight was a challenge and the track was tough with that drizzle [rain]. I really needed that good start,” Dungey said. “I’m glad we got a win to end the season strong and get ready for what lies ahead. This is one of my best seasons in Supercross so far and I’m looking forward to more.”

450 Class Results

1.Ryan Dungey – KTM
2.Jason Anderson
3.Eli Tomac
4.Chad Reed
5.Blake Baggett
6.Broc Tickle
7.Justin Brayton – KTM
8.Trey Canard
9.Cole Seely
10.Justin Barcia
11.Josh Grant
12.Jake Weimer
13.Vince Friese
14.Justin Bogle
15.Mike Alessi
16.Nick Schmidt
17.Bracken Hall
18.Nick Wey
19.Benny Bloss – KTM
20.Ken Roczen
21.Marvin Musquin – KTM
22.Davi Millsaps – KTM

Championship Point Standings

1.Ryan Dungey – 391
2.Ken Roczen – 331
3.Jason Anderson – 315
4.Eli Tomac – 290
5.Chad Reed – 250
6.Cole Seely – 219
7.Marvin Musquin – 214
8.Justin Brayton – 200
9.Trey Canard – 196
10.Jake Weimer – 128

Red Bull KTM Factory Riders Finish 2nd and 3rd at Detroit Supercross

Red Bull KTM Factory Riders Finish 2nd and 3rd at Detroit Supercross
Ryan Dungey Maintains Championship Points Lead After Eleven Rounds


DETROIT, Mich. – The Red Bull KTM Factory team once again captured two podium finishes on Saturday for round eleven of the AMA 450SX Championship in Detroit, Michigan. After racing to what appeared to be his sixth victory of the season, Ryan Dungey was penalized two positions in the Main Event for a jumping infraction during a Red Cross flag. As a result, Dungey moved two positions down to third place, while his teammate, Marvin Musquin, moved up one position to second place.

Red Bull KTM Factory Team Manager, Roger DeCoster commented, “We were penalized two positions per the rulebook but the problem is that Ryan’s line was on the outside and his line of sight could not see the flagger who was on the inside holding the Red Cross flag at waist height. There were the yellow lights flashing, which means to use caution, and Ryan could see there was no bike or rider on the track and jumped as he didn’t see the flag. After Ryan passed, the flagger stepped further out onto the track.”

DeCoster added, “For the future we will push them to have the Red Cross flaggers wave more aggressively to be clearly seen. It’s a shame that Ryan was penalized for something that he gained nothing from in the race.”

In the day’s timed qualifying sessions, it was Musquin who secured the fastest qualifying time of the day, while his teammate Dungey qualified fifth. In 450SX Heat 2, Dungey got off to a great start, where he lead the heat race from start to finish. Meanwhile, Musquin experienced a big crash that ultimately ended his race early.

Musquin quickly bounced back, leading all five laps of the 450SX Semi 1 to capture the victory and a transfer position to the Main Event.

In the 450SX Main Event, the Red Bull KTM Factory teammates shot off the start together but it was Dungey who claimed the official holeshot. Musquin passed Dungey to take the lead on the opening lap but it wasn’t long before the reigning champion reclaimed the front position coming out of the whoop-section.

Dungey led a hard-charging Musquin for nearly the entire race, as Musquin applied pressure along the way. However, with only two laps to go Musquin slid out while running in the second place position, which allowed Jason Anderson to move past. Musquin quickly remounted to finish the race in third.

“I struggled a little bit in the whoops tonight but other than that I was happy with how I was riding until that one mistake near the end,” Musquin said. “It’s a bummer to finish in third but I know it’s good in the bigger picture to be on the podium every weekend.”

The podium celebration reflected Dungey’s victory, with Anderson in second and Musquin in a close third. However, the results were amended shortly after the podium celebration.

Next Event: Santa Clara, California – April 2, 2016


1. Jason Anderson
2. Marvin Musquin – KTM
3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
4. Chad Reed
5. Eli Tomac
6. Ken Roczen
7. Weston Peick
8. Trey Canard
9. Mike Alessi
10. Justin Bogle
11. Cole Seely
12. Josh Grant
13. Vince Friese
14. Phil Nicoletti
15. Nick Wey
16. Nick Schmidt
17. Cody Gilmore
18. Justin Brayton – KTM
19. Blake Baggett
20. Kyle White
21. Jeff Alessi
22. Jake Weimer

Championship Point Standings

1. Ryan Dungey – 253
2. Ken Roczen – 214
3. Jason Anderson – 200
4. Eli Tomac – 186
5. Marvin Musquin – 178
6. Cole Seely – 173
7. Chad Reed – 160
8. Justin Brayton – 128
9. Davi Millsaps – 105

Red Bull KTM Factory Riders Score Two Podium Finishes at Daytona Supercross

Red Bull KTM Factory Riders Score Two Podium Finishes at Daytona Supercross
Ryan Dungey Finishes Second in the 450SX Class, Marvin Musquin Finishes Third


DAYTONA, Fla. – Red Bull KTM Factory riders captured two of the three podium positions on Saturday for round nine of the AMA 450SX Championship at Daytona International Speedway. Current points leader Ryan Dungey captured second overall, while his teammate Marvin Musquin rounded out the podium in third place.

Dungey and Musquin qualified third and fourth place respectively on a uniquely tough Daytona Supercross track. Musquin lined up in 450SX Heat 1, where he got off to a great start aboard his KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition. Musquin quickly made a pass on fellow Frenchmen Christophe Pourcel to take over the lead, where he went on to capture the heat race win.

In 450SX Heat 2, Dungey grabbed a third place start and quickly moved into the second place position. However, Dungey wasn’t able to make the move on Tomac for the lead, ultimately finishing second in his heat.

In the 450SX Main Event, both Red Bull KTM Factory riders got off to a great start but it was Dungey who claimed the official holeshot. With Musquin and Dungey close in tow, Eli Tomac commanded the lead on the opening lap.

Dungey maintained a close second place position throughout the 20-lap Main Event but wasn’t able to make a pass on the leader. In the end, Dungey finished only two seconds back to claim his ninth consecutive podium finish with second overall. The defending 450SX Champion gained valuable points in the championship chase, where he will maintain the lead heading into round ten.

“Daytona is always a nasty one,” commented Dungey. “But it’s good to be on the podium and pick up some valuable points in the overall championship.”

Musquin settled into third behind his teammate Dungey, where he kept a solid pace throughout the Main Event. Musquin’s great performance earned him a third-career 450SX podium finish and a boost into seventh place in his rookie championship season.

“To be second and third tonight it a good result for the team,” Musquin said. “To be third tonight is big for me and I’m happy to be up on the podium again.”

Next Event: Toronto, Canada – March 12, 2016

450 Class Results

1. Eli Tomac
2. Ryan Dungey – KTM
3. Marvin Musquin – KTM
4. Jason Anderson
5. Ken Roczen
6. Trey Canard
7. Josh Grant
8. Christophe Pourcel
9. Justin Brayton – KTM
10. Cole Seely
11. Justin Bogle
12. Chad Reed
13. Blake Baggett
14. Vince Friese
15. Kyle Cunningham
16. Mike Alessi
17. Jake Weimer
18. Weston Peick
19. Davi Millsaps – KTM
20. Nick Schmidt
21. Phil Nicoletti
22. Tommy Hahn

Championship Point Standings

1. Ryan Dungey – 213
2. Ken Roczen – 174
3. Jason Anderson – 163
4. Eli Tomac – 154
5. Cole Seely – 145
6. Chad Reed – 141
7. Marvin Musquin – 134
8. Justin Brayton – 110
9. Davi Millsaps – 105

Dungey Finishes 2nd at Dallas Supercross

Dungey Finishes 2nd at Dallas Supercross
Musquin Charges through Pack to 6th


Arlington, TX – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey finished 2nd overall at the Dallas Supercross held at AT&T stadium after a 20 lap battle for the lead position. His teammate, Marvin Musquin, came from a first turn crash to an impressive 6th place result at the seventh round of the AMA 450 Pro Supercross Championship.

Dungey turned the fastest lap time in the afternoon sessions to earn him first gate pick in his heat. At the gate drop of the heat race, he came out in 6th position. He quickly moved into 3rd and would remain in that spot through the checkered flag to transfer into the main.

Musquin earned a 7th place start in his heat and moved up as high as 4th place before suffering a crash. His crash sent him back to 8th where he finished the race. His result did not earn him a qualifying position and he had to go to the semi race.

Musquin earned a 2nd place start in the semi and held that position throughout the entire race. His runner-up position earned him a spot on the main event starting line.

When the gate dropped for the main event, Dungey leaped off the line to a 2nd place start behind Ken Roczen. Musquin had a good jump but got pinched off and crashed in the first roller of the rhythm section. He quickly recovered but returned to the race in last position. Meanwhile, out front Dungey battled Roczen for the lead position. The two rider’s swapped positions twice in the opening laps before Dungey fell to 2nd. Dungey pressured Roczen for the entire race and had the crowd on their feet for the final lap. He was unable to make the pass and finished 2nd earning valuable points toward the championship chase.

“The track was really tough today,” stated Dungey after the race. “It was a fight until the end. I really tried to push hard at the end but couldn’t make that pass. It’s just part of racing but I’m glad to finish on the podium.”

Musquin was able to move from his last place start quickly through the pack. By the halfway point he had already moved into the top ten. A few laps later he had climbed up to 6th place where he finished the race.

“I am really bummed about the crash off the start,” reported Musquin. “I felt really strong today so I was not happy that put me in the back of the pack. I am happy with how I rode and glad I was able to salvage some points.”

Next Event: Atlanta, GA – February 27, 2016

Overall Results

1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey – KTM
3. Jason Anderson
4. Cole Seely
5. Eli Tomac
6. Marvin Musquin – KTM
7. Davi Millsaps – KTM
8. Christophe Pourcel
9. Trey Canard
10. Jake Weimer
11. Justin Brayton – KTM
12. Chad Reed
13. Andrew Short – KTM
14. Wil Hahn
15. Phil Nicoletti
16. Mike Alessi
17. Vince Friese
18. Justin Bogle
19. Nick Schmidt
20. Deven Raper
21. Weston Peick
22. Alex Ray

Overall Point Standings

1. Ryan Dungey – 166
2. Ken Roczen – 143
3. Jason Anderson – 131

Dungey Claims Third Straight Win at Oakland Supercross

Dungey Claims Third Straight Win at Oakland Supercross
Musquin Earns First Career Podium


Oakland, CA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey took another commanding win to claim his third straight victory in a row at the fourth round of the AMA 450 Supercross Championship held at the O.co Coliseum while his teammate, Marvin Musquin, finished 3rd to claim his first podium finish of the year.

This race was moved to a delayed rain schedule due to inclement weather leading up to the race which meant removing one of the practice sessions. In the two sessions that took place, Dungey was able to put together some solid laps and turned the fastest time from the qualifying sessions.

Dungey and Musquin were placed in the second heat race. Dungey pulled the holeshot while Musquin was not far behind in 3rd position. Dungey quickly stretched his lead out front and went on to win the heat race by an impressive 9 seconds. Meanwhile, Musquin was able to move into 2nd place at the halfway point of the heat and went on to finish in that position to take a great gate spot in the main event.

When the gate dropped for the main event, it was Dungey that pulled the holeshot while Musquin was immediately behind him in 2nd place. Musquin battled Roczen for two laps before falling to 3rd on the fourth lap of the race. Out front, Dungey slowly pulled away from the group and had a 4 second lead by the halfway point of the race.

Musquin continued to ride a smooth race turning consistent laps to remain in podium position. At the end of the 20 lap main event, Dungey took his third victory of the season and his 25th career win. Musquin held on for 3rd place, earning his first career 450 Supercross class podium.

“It feels great to get another win,” stated Dungey on the podium. “Being out front early allows me to ride my own race and stay focused. I am really happy for my teammate Marvin tonight. This is a big step for him to get his first podium of his 450 career. We train really hard together and I’m happy for him and the team to have us both on the podium.”

Musquin remarked, “We did not expect for me to be on the podium already at the fourth round of the series. I am so excited to be up here and have the whole team to thank for this. I train with Ryan all week and it is great to be able to be up here with him.”

Next Event: Glendale, AZ – February 6, 2016

Overall Results

1. Ryan Dungey – KTM
2. Ken Roczen
3. Marvin Musquin – KTM
4. Jason Anderson
5. Chad Reed
6. Cole Seely
7. Eli Tomac
8. Jake Weimer
9. Justin Brayton – KTM
10. Wil Hahn
11. Weston Peick
12. Davi Millsaps – KTM
13. Mike Alessi
14. Christophe Pourel
15. Blake Baggett
16. Vince Friese
17. Lawson Bopping
18. Nicholas Schmidt
19. Phil Nicoletti
20. Cade Clason
21. Adam Enticknap
22. James Stewart

Overall Point Standings

1. Ryan Dungey – 97
2. Jason Anderson – 75
3. Chad Reed – 75

Musquin Finishes 2nd at Miller Motorsports Park

Musquin Finishes 2nd at Miller Motorsports Park


Tooele, UT – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin finished 2nd overall at the eleventh round of the 250 Pro Motocross Championship Series after finishing with 1-3 moto scores at the Miller Motorsports Park facility.

Musquin did not get the best of starts in the first moto and had to work hard to climb through the pack. He started the first lap in 8th position and quickly went to work to make up time on the lead group. By the halfway point of the race, he had moved into the lead and never looked back. He went on to take the first moto win and help keep his KTM 250 SX-F in the championship hunt.

In moto two, Musquin was about eighth rounding the opening turn. However, the moto was quickly red flagged due to a downed rider and the 250 class were sent back to the start gate. Musquin made the most of the restart nabbing the holeshot and was in the early lead when a fast moving Webb got by him. By the midway point in the moto, Martin had made up a lot of ground on both Musquin and Webb and was up to challenging Musquin for second position. Within a lap Martin got by both of them to take the lead and Musquin maintained 3rd place through the end of the moto. His 1-3 moto scores earned him 2nd overall on the day and kept him just two points shy of the lead in the championship series.

“It was tough out there today,” explains Musquin. “Everyone was riding good and fast. I seem to struggle at this track every year as it just doesn’t seem to really suit my style as well. But I’m glad I came away not losing any points in the championship. I’m only two points behind Martin going into the final round so it should be exciting racing at Indiana next weekend.”

Teammate Justin Hill had a rough weekend colliding with another rider in the first moto resulting in a compound fracture to a finger. Requiring more extensive medical attention, Hill was immediately transferred from the Asteriks Medical Unit at the track directly to a local hospital where his injury has been treated.

With only one round remaining, the championship will come down to the final two motos with Jeremy Martin and Musquin battling it out at the Crawfordsville, IN track.

Next Event: Crawfordsville, IN – August 22, 2015

Overall Results

1. Jeremy Martin – 3-1
2. Marvin Musquin 1-3 (KTM)
3. Cooper Webb – 2-2
4. Aaron Plessinger – 4-4
5. Matt Bisceglia – 6-6
6. Zach Osborne – 9-5
7. RJ Hampshire – 7-7
8. Alex Martin – 8-8
9. Joey Savatgy – 5-11
10. Jessy Nelson – 11-9 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings

1. Jeremy Martin – 461
2. Marvin Musquin – 459
3. Joey Savatgy – 310

Musquin Wins Budds Creek Motocross National


Musquin Wins Budds Creek Motocross National

Mechanicsville, MD – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin took the overall win at Budds Creek under extremely muddy conditions with 7-1 moto scores to extend his points lead in the Pro 250 Motocross Championship standings.

The Factory rider didn’t get his typical good start at the gate drop of moto one and came around the first lap in eighth place. He quickly moved past one rider before suffering a setback on lap four that dropped him to eleventh place. In the remaining laps he was able to move back up to seventh in the muddy conditions.

In the second moto, Musquin got a great start and came around the first lap in second. He moved around the lead rider on lap six to take over the number spot. From there, he went on to take the win. His 7-1 scores earned him the overall for the day.

“The conditions were really hard today with all the mud,” stated Musquin. “It was definitely challenging and I am grateful to get the win.”

Next Event: Red Bud – July 4, 2015

Overall Results

1. Mavin Musquin – KTM
2. Alex Martin
3. Joey Savatgy
4. Jeremy Martin
5. Zach Osborne
6. Adam Cianciarulo
7. Christian Craig
8. Cooper Webb
9. Matthew Bisceglia
10. Jessy Nelson – KTM
11. Jordon Smith
12. Nick Gaines
13. Shane McElrath – KTM
14. Chris Alldredge
15. Daniel Baker – KTM
16. Justin Starling
17. Mitchell Oldenburg – KTM
18. Aaron Plessinger
19. Kyle Peters
20. RJ Hampshire

Overall Point Standings

1. Marvin Musquin – 258
2. Jeremy Martin – 248
3. Adam Cianciarulo – 178

Musquin Wins High Point Motocross National

Musquin Wins High Point Motocross National
Regains Points Lead


Mt. Morris, PA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin had a perfect day taking both moto wins at the fifth round of the 250 Pro Motocross Championship Series held at High Point Raceway.

Musquin earned the fastest lap time in the morning practice sessions to earn top gate pick heading to the first moto. When the gate dropped, he pulled the holeshot and never looked back. He went on to lead every lap of the race to take the win by 5 seconds over the next closest competitor.

In moto two, Musquin got another great start and rounded the first corner in 2nd place. Musquin was able to make a pass for the lead on the second lap of the race. He continued to battle for the position for the next few laps before he was able to pull away from the pack. He charged forward to collect his second win of the day for a perfect 1-1 moto score to take the overall.

Musquin’s win allows him to take over the points lead. He will have the red plate heading to the next event.

“I’m really happy with how today turned out,” stated Musquin. “I had a pretty perfect race and am happy to be in the points lead again.”

Next Event: Budds Creek – June 27, 2015

Overall Results (Top 10)

1. Marvin Musquin 1-1 (KTM)
2. Zach Osborne 5-2
3. Jeremy Martin 4-4
4. Alex Martin 3-5
5. Joey Savatgy 6-3
6. Adam Cianciarulo 2-12
7. Christian Craig 8-7
8. Jessy Nelson 10-8 (KTM)
9. Aaron Plessinger 9-10
10. Shane McElrath 11-9 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings

1. Marvin Musquin – 219
2. Jeremy Martin – 211
3. Jessy Nelson – 146

Musquin Wins East/West 250 Supercross Shootout


Musquin Wins East/West 250 Supercross Shootout

Las Vegas, NV – Red Bull KTM Factory rider and newly crowned East 250 Supercross Champion, Marvin Musquin, took a dominating win in the Las Vegas East/West 250 Supercross Shootout in front of a packed crowd at Sam Boy Stadium for the season finale. His teammate, Justin Hill, did not finish the event after a heat race injury kept him from competing in the main event.

Hill was in the first heat race which consisted of all West 250 Supercross riders. He got a good jump off the line but was involved in a first turn crash that placed him in last position. He picked up his bike and quickly returned to the track to pick off all spots he could to try to move into the top nine to transfer to the main. Luckily, he was able to speed through the pack and made his way up to 9th on the final lap of the heat to take the last transfer spot from the heat to the main event.

Musquin was up next in the East 250 Supercross heat. He earned a 2nd place start and moved into the lead by the second corner. Once in the lead he had pulled out to a 7 second gap before he had a small tip over in a turn with two laps to go. He briefly lost the lead but was able to make the pass back a few turns later. He continued to charge out front and pulled a few second gap on the field before crossing the checkered flag to take the heat race win.

Unfortunately, Hill did not line up for the main event after an injury from his heat race crash caused him to feel uncomfortable racing the main event. Musquin went to the line with his number one plate and pulled a perfect holeshot. He led the entire race to take a comfortable win and prove that he was the top rider from both coasts, and thus, the winner of the Las Vegas 250 Supercross Shootout.

“I felt comfortable all day today,” stated Musquin. “I have a lot of confidence on my bike because I know it is the best one out there and that comes through in how I ride. I’m really excited to take the shootout win tonight and want to extend my thanks to my entire team.”

The Red Bull KTM Factory Team also earned another honor when Musquin’s mechanic, Frank Latham, was awarded the MMI Top Tech award after the 250 main event.

Overall Results

1. Marvin Musquin – KTM
2. Malcolm Stewart
3. Matt Bisceglia
4. Aaron Plessinger
5. Alex Martin
6. Zach Osborne
7. RJ Hampshire
8. Cole Martinez
9. Shane McElrath – KTM
10. Kyle Peters
11. Mitchell Oldenburg
12. Zach Bell
13. Gannon Audette
14. Luke Renzland
15. AJ Catanzaro
16. Scott Champion
17. Justin Starling
18. Josh Hansen
19. Anthony Rodriguez
20. Preston Mull
21. Nick Desiderio
22. Justin Hill – KTM

KTM Signs Musquin for 2016 and 2017 Seasons


KTM Signs Musquin for 2016 and 2017 Seasons

Murrieta, CA – KTM Motorsports is excited to announce it has extended its contract with Red Bull KTM Factory rider and the newly crowned 2015 East 250 Supercross Champion, Marvin Musquin, through the 2017 race season.

Fresh off his first 250 Supercross title, Musquin announced after the race that he had re-signed with the Red Bull KTM Factory Team for two more years. Even more exciting to the masses, is that Musquin will be racing in the 450 Supercross and 450 Motocross Championships starting in 2016.

“I’m really excited to spend the next two years with KTM,” stated Musquin. “They are my family. It feels like home under the Red Bull KTM tent as we’ve spent almost 7 years together already. I know how much effort they have put into R&D to give us the best KTM race bikes and I believe in them just as they believe in me. I’m looking forward to even more success with my team.”

“The whole team is happy to have Marvin re-sign with team,” commented Red Bull KTM Factory Team Manager Roger De Coster. “Marvin and Ryan (Dungey) have a great working relationship. I have not seen a bond this great between teammates in a long time and we are happy to work with them both. Marvin is a smooth rider with great technique and we feel he will easily adapt to the 450 and we are looking forward to what he can bring to that class.”