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MV Agusta Unveils Special Edition Brutales

The Verona show (January 20 to 22, motorbikeexpo.it) will host a pair of one-offs born out of the collaboration between the house of Schiranna and two exceptional partners.


Varese, January 17, 2017 – MV Agusta arrives at the Motor Bike Expo, the pride of the International custom scene and point of reference for the clothing, special parts and aftermarket components. The protagonists, two extreme specials, both derivatives of the Brutale, the naked-icon of the Italian brand.

The first of these specials, the Brutale 800 RR “Ballistic Trident”, was presented last December at the Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama and has achieved International acclaim, thanks to viral success of the public and of the most influential blogs in the industry.

The Ballistic Trident project, commissioned by MV Agusta Taiwan to Winston Yeh, founder
of Rough Crafts (roughcrafts.com), workshop with headquarters in Taipei, pays tribute to the first supersports of the last century MotoGP, characterised by streamlined ‘dustbin’ fairings, a stylistic feature that the Taiwanese designers wanted to reinterpret on this incredible ‘canvas’.

At the Motor Bike Expo the Ballistic Trident will proudly displayed at booth 12D (Hall 1), at
the space of Rough Crafts.

MV Agusta Dragster “Blackout” is a collaboration between the Varese factory and Valter
Moto Components (valtermoto.it), a manufacturer of high-end accessories specialising in
racing components and official partner to the MV Agusta Reparto Corse racing team, with
contributions from Tecnoart Sersan (tecnoartsersan.com), creator of the graphic design and paintwork. The base of the MV Agusta Brutale Dragster Blackout is a MV Agusta Dragster that Valter Esposito, founder of the company and creator of the concept, wanted to transform into a “techno-café racer” inspired by the world of motorcycle racing and car
tuning. With reference to the past, the design is characterised by the new handlebars, and
a front LED illumination activated through the side mounted switches arranged in such a
way as to create a new design element.

The Blackout “wears” Valter Moto Components’ parts (‘clip-on’ racing handlebars, footpegs, levers, oil tanks, fuel filler cap, number plate hanger and the indicators); combined with these beautifully crafted components has been added a circular seven inch full led headlight with a new aluminium trim with an integrated, low mounted dashboard. A fork mounted, full-colour 4.3-inch HD screen for rear vision, entrusted to an integrated waterproof camera flanked by indicators under the tail, guarantees a wide range of visibility (170 degrees). The detailed craftsmanship such as the milled by hand MV logo on the casings should not go unobserved. The graphics are the work of William Melzi of Tecnoart, further defines the concept of “motion-switch” with a texture from the steampunk style on the tank and a name “Blackout,” which closes the circle on the identity of the project.

The exhaust is signed SC-Project: it is the S1, utilised on Leon Camier’s racing F4 in
the SBK championship. Following the preview at EICMA 2016 MV Agusta Blackout will
make it’s presence at the Motor Bike Expo on the Valter Moto Components exhibition
(10Z stand, Hall 6).

Giovanni Castiglioni, CEO of MV Agusta: “MV Agusta is known world-wide as a manufacturer of motorcycle art. It’s very pleasing to me to see that our brand has such a broad appeal that it has been used as a base by such renowned customizers as Walt Siegl, Zagato, Deus Ex Machina and Officine GP Design, just to name a few. I personally really like the Dragster custom designed and built by my friend Valter, it’s a bike that gives me a lot of ideas…”

MV Agusta Relaunches the North American Market

MV Agusta relaunches the North American Market


The Italian Manufacturer, key player in the super premium motorcycle segment, will be concentrating it’s efforts in increasing the presence and brand awareness in the United States and Canada.

MV AGUSTA Motor S.p.A. and Urban Motor Group Pty Ltd signed an agreement related to the development of the US market. The partnership aims to create a new brand strategy in the US, in order to reinforce and consolidate the brand in a Country which is part of MV Agusta future strategy.

MV AGUSTA USA LLC, the current vehicle for the sales of MV Agusta motorcycles in the US market, will now be led by Urban Motor Group, through a specific and dedicated business unit, and managed directly through its CEO, Joseph Elasmar who will run the USA team to develop and reinforce the MV Agusta brand position in USA.

Aligning itself with MV Agusta’s ambition, the new management team will also focus on building brand awareness and quality customer service by harnessing the wealth of experience, robust business model, passion in motorcycles and extrinsic perspective that has earnt Urban Motor Imports the reputation and accolade of being the key distributor for a number of motorcycle brands including MV Agusta.

The driving force behind Urban Motor Group has been the relentless ambition of Joseph Elasmar to bring to market products of distinction. From humble beginnings and as an astute student of International Business, Elasmar built the Group from experience of over 14 years in the motorcycle industry. The opportunity to represent MV Agusta in North America is a direct result of a strong and successful relationship with the MV Agusta factory and with Giovanni Castiglioni, CEO of MV Agusta. The two Groups are already partners since years in the Australian market, where Urban Motor successfully made it one of today’s first markets for MV Agusta’s exports.

“We are very excited to build a successful relationship with Urban Motor Group as a new partner also overseeing and developing the presence of MV Agusta in the USA market. Urban Motor has a remarkable track record in delivering a strong dealership network, backed with excellent customer service and dealer support. We are very confident that with Urban Motor we will enter in a new era for MV Agusta in the States, invigorating sales and passion for our motorcycles. Along with the binding agreements signed with Black Ocean Group for a capital increase in MV Agusta, the reorganisation of the US market is another milestone in MV Agusta restructuring plan; our sole focus is clearly consolidating our leadership in the production of high end motorcycles under the MV Agusta brand, and the North American Market will play an important role in our future” said Giovanni Castiglioni.

Joseph Elasmar commented: “Whilst other mainstream brands have taken the mass production approach, MV Agusta continues to do what others dream to do. Coupled with its rich racing heritage, names of famous riders and drivers, to its own bespoke R&D performance centre CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre), MV Agusta is without peer.
2017 looks set to be the most exciting year for MV Agusta with new model updates, yet to be released special editions and coveted new riders for the World Supersport Championship including title contender USA rider P.J. Jacobsen on the latest F3 675 RC motorcycle. Not forgetting, of course, the latest F4 RC which is tipped to excel further at the helm of former BSB Champion Leon Camier. There is just so much going on at the factory. The new technical updates that are coming to the road range in 2017 alone is quite amazing, with CRC mastering significant changes to chassis, engine and electronics componentry. CRC has also proven once again it is at the forefront in R&D with the recent release at EICMA of the most powerful 800 cc naked under Euro 4 constraints, the Brutale 800 RR. I’m really looking forward to build MV Agusta in the USA and in particular seeing customers experience the difference of hand built Italian masterpieces.”

Media events, shows and customer experience days are being scheduled for 2017 with unveilings of new releases and limited special editions. This year MV Agusta USA will be inviting media to an upcoming conference in the first half and will welcome new introductions.

With an expected update to the dealer network in the coming months, the current MV Agusta USA head office in Pennsylvania will be joined by a second new office on the West Coast in California.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce RC


A dedicated race kit and a list of enhancements make this motorcycle the most sport’s
orientated tourer ever.


Varese, November 3th 2016 – A revolutionary product concept came before distinctive aesthetics; the Turismo Veloce has redefined the idea of a touring motorcycle. MV Agusta has re-prioritised and redefined the objectives, focusing on compact volumes, minimal weight wrapped in a unique design. Initial studies took into account the side mounted luggage, designed to integrate seamlessly not only with the lines of the bike but also with the supporting structure of the rider seat and passenger.

When the luggage is removed the bikes character is transformed and characterised by a lithe, dynamic profile. Focused around a compact three-cylinder 800 cc engine – with a revised black surface treatment – the “Fast Tourer” offers an unaccustomed light weight to power ratio for this segment. The use of LED lighting technology combined with a graphic DRL (Daylight Riding Light) has created a unique identity for this vehicle, making this bike immediately identifiable, even in a fleeting moment when encountered on the street.

The construction of this top of the range motorcycle is further enriched by virtue of the RC
version, which will be produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces. Recognizable primarily
for specific racing livery, characteristically aligned to the other precious RC models.
The evolution of the Turismo Veloce encompasses both functional and cosmetic features:
the latter of which is accentuated with a carbon fiber deflector on the front mudguard.
The forged wheels feature a design that accentuates lightness and a racing pedigree derived from the variant used on the F4RC. Functional changes include a new sprocket, which improves smooth driving characteristics and precision. The passenger seat has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and comfort over long distances. The front engine mounts have increased longitudinal chassis stiffness and subsequently driving dynamics.

There has been a series of profound modifications regarding the three-cylinder engine with counter-rotating crank; redesigned to further reduce vibration and noise. Regarding the head there has been interventions to the valve guides, redesigned to achieve improved
reliability; the harmonic damper and the chain tensioner, which now ensure a significant
reduction in mechanical noise alongside an updated gearing for the transmission.

The desire to improve an engine that has achieved since the onset highest levels of
efficiency is underlined by the new six-speed gearbox, with an optimized design to improve general functionality for faster, precise, gear shifting. The starter motor and the associated gears have been revised and improved for enhanced reliability and durability, critical to a model that was created to cover tens of thousands of kilometers per year.
Alongside the mechanical updates there has been further refinement to the MVICS 2.0
(Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) electronic platform developed exclusively
by MV Agusta and with EAS 2.0 (Electronic Assisted Shift Up & Down), as well as traction
control adjustable on 8 levels with the possibility of complete disengagement. The first
improvements were made to the engine control management, with the aim of increasing
the engine regularity providing a more fluid and enjoyable power delivery in all conditions.
Consequently there has been a redefininition of the various engine maps (Flexible
‘Tourism’, Full-Power ‘Sport’ and ‘Rain’ limited to 80 hp), in search of perfection and
refinement . The hardware has been subject of significant improvemnets, thanks to the
revision of the Ride By Wire components, for maximum sensitivity, response and improved
throttle control.

The high quality of the chassis is the result of the integration with the platform MVICS:
front forks and a Sachs rear shock absorber are controlled by electronics on the basis
of the vehicle’s dynamic parameters. The semi-active suspension provides continuous
control of the response, on the basis of the established and reliable ‘Skyhook’ algorithm;
revised and tuned by MV to define the Turismo Veloce riding characteristics.

Standard equipment includes the Garmin navigation system, dedicated twin 30 liter
capacity side panniers, center stand, adjustable windshield, heated grips and cruise control.

MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC


The ‘Reparto Corse’ family expands further with an adrenalin charged naked.


Varese, October 27th 2016 – Built on the basis of Dragster RR, the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC is a new entry to the stunning RC range. A motorcycle intended for an audience who appreciate beauty combined with performance; for the true enthusiast who wants to taste the spirit of racing and the associated technology that forms an integral part of the sport.

Dragster 800 RC thrives on emotions. It’s inevitable with such a pedigree that a strip of asphalt transforms into a racetrack. The three-cylinder engine is a blend of compact dimensions, light weight and incredible class leading performance. With 140 hp at 13100 rpm / min it borders on hypersports territory. It snarls with an acute yet raw
exhaust note through a beautiful three element silencer developed specifically to
achieve record performance for the category. The engine as a result of an extremely
rational design, weighs a mere 52 kg; it exploits a racing-derived counter rotating
crankshaft to reduce inertia in corner entry, giving the RC Dragster unique driving
dynamics far exceeding the expectations of a bike born to achieve straight line performance.

The digital instrumentation is the perfect interface between rider and bike: essential
for legibility via a clear LCD panel and dashboard indicators. It also forms the point of
interaction for the Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System. Based on the electronic
control unit designed specifically and exclusively for MV Agusta, it allows to the rider
to exploit the Dragster 800 RC with four riding configurations. One of which offers
complete personalisation, parameter by parameter including motor response, rev
limiter, engine torque management, throttle sensitivity and engine braking.
Indispensable for dragstrip performance is the Quickshifter EAS 2.0: permitting rapid
gear changes both up and down the gearbox; without time to catch a breath…
Traction control is offered on eight levels, or entirely disengaged; allowing you to choose
between spinning the rear wheel out of corners or contrastingly with the tranquility of
complete electronic intervention.

The pursuit for material lightness and sophistication is evident in the abundance of
carbonfibre components, which distinguish the 800 RC Dragster. An example of
craftsmanship transported to production in series. The front mudguard, radiator heat
deflectors, and the compact front fairing combined with the magnificent RC forged
wheels with a lightweight and unquestionably racing design, offer an unsurpassed
vision of technical excellence and attention to detail. It is also reflected in the rich
red anodized finish on the fully adjustable upside down fork stanchions. Complete
adjustability is also available on the Sachs rear suspension mated to a singlesided
swing arm with a fulcrum point between aluminum alloy plates that are united to the
tubular steel trellis frame. The braking system composed of 320 mm diameter front
discs and Brembo four piston radial calipers are aligned to the tame the savage
power. Produced in just 350 units, the 800 RC Dragster releases its 140 hp through
a spectacular 200 section rear tyre.




New racing kit and 2016 WSBK livery for top of the range MV Agusta.


Varese, October 20th 2016 – The result of a meticulous and continuous evolution that has been applied to the refinement of every detail. The new MV Agusta F4 RC excels both on the road and the track with it’s direct connection to WSBK championship racing.

It is therefore unquestionable that you will discover the same technical pedigree of the ‘Reparto Corse’ F4 ridden by British rider Leon Camier.

As with Camier’s F4, the F4 RC can be both enthralling and efficient; the most comprehensive package amongst Hypersports. Elegant and simple, the F4 RC is instantly recognizable with a stunning red and white graphic base as that used on the official version, including sponsor logos. The number “37” embellished on the fairing is a reminder of the constructors World titles won by MV Agusta.

Each of the 250 pieces that make up the total production of the new F4 RC, is a real
collector’s item accompanied with a valuable racing kit. The classic wood box contains
high quality components, specifically designed and built for the racing F4 RC. In detail:
the SC-Project titanium single exit exhaust system has been developed together with the
dedicated racing Electronic Control Unit, which forms part of the kit. The single seat tail
unit lightens the bike and aesthetically underlines the racing vocation. The fuel cap and
mirror inserts that allow the user to remove the mirrors for track use are machined in ergal
aluminium 7075 providing functional value and enriching further a bike that has redefined
the Hypersports category. The under tailpiece exhaust shroud is manufactured in carbon
fiber, to assist heat transmission with the minimum weight. The personalized protective
bike cover and Certificate of Authentication make the F4 RC even more exclusive.

Performance is also reflected in the numbers: 151 kW, equivalent to 205 hp maximum power in road configuration. A fact that makes the RC Superbike the most powerful in its class within series production. With the racing kit the performance increases to 212 hp (158 kW) at 13600 rpm measured at the crankshaft, the F4 RC in track configuration marks the latest evolution within the extraordinary development of the in-line 4-cylinder MV Agusta known as ‘Corsa Corta’ (79×50,9 mm) enhanced with unique technical solutions such as a central distribution chain and radial valve layout.

The choice of chassis solution from the outset of the F4 has defined an era thanks to the
synthesis between the technical benefits of construction solutions and assembly. The TIG
welded trellis CrMo steel tubes are undoubtedly essential and in some respects even ‘classic’ but the mechanical characteristics offer peak performance. The aluminum alloy plates close the rear frame structure and form the fulcrum for the single arm, with the possibility to change height allowing full customization of the riding dynamics. Racing suspension completes the package of absolute excellence: the Ohlins fork USD NIX type 30 with TiN surface treatment has separate hydraulic compression adjustment (left leg) and rebound damping (right leg); spring preload is also permitted. The Ohlins TTX 36 shock with piggyback reservoir offers the same parameters of adjustment as the fork through convenient manual mechanical adjusters. Included is also a precisely engineered steering damper with manual adjustment.

The braking system matches the performance, being composed of a pair of front 320 mm
diameter discs with steel braking areas, aluminum flanges and a radial pump, as well as
Brembo GP 4-piston (30 mm in diameter) radial calipers. The rear steel disc is 210 mm in
diameter with 4-piston caliper. The Bosch ABS 9 Plus with RaceMode utilizes a RLM (Rear
wheel Lift-up Mitigation) system to prevent rear wheel lift under heavy braking.

The Electronic Control Unit is based on efficiency with a specific goal; the aim is to guarantee the ultimate control of the bike for the pilot, without reducing sensibility; that sensibility combined with the talent and experience of the pilot can make the difference when a tenth of a second per lap matters. The technology MVICS 2.0 (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) allows you to command many parameters, including throttle sensitivity, maximum torque, engine brake, engine response and rev limiter intervention.

The inertial platform with a trim sensor utilizes three gyroscopes and accelerometers to determine a precise operation of the traction control on 8 levels. It can also be switched off entirely. Shifting is aided with the 2.0 EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift) Quick Shift is part of the standard specification.



From the Reparto Corse team, the WSS 2016 replica of the most beautiful super sport bike ever.


Varese, October 11th 2016 – Asphalt, curbing and gravel traps. Braking, acceleration and
braking again. Straights, chicanes. Curves. Grandstands and pits. MV Agusta was born on
the track. Its story has been inscribed on most famous racing tracks in the World, since the
dawn of the most glorious motorcycle brand in the history of motorcycling.

RC doesn’t simply means Reparto Corse. RC means extreme attention to technical development, both in terms of design and function. It means direct connection to the riders, achieving perfection from track to track. RC also means attention to detail, because under race conditions each component is crucial and decisive. RC stands for absolute performance: a way of thinking known only by those who live to race. RC is the direct descendent of the racing experience brought to the road, crafted for the most demanding riders.

Offered in two displacements, the F3 RC is the essence of racing. The perfect balance of
technology and design, in a very limited production run, consisting of 350 works of art.
The incredibly lightweight and compact three-cylinder engine has been further refined
and optimized to achieve maximum performance obtaining peak power and torque for
both track and road use.

F3 675 RC produces 128 hp (94.2 kW) at 14400 rpm and 71 Nm (7.24 kgm) of peak
torque at 10900 rpm; The F3 800 reaches even further extremes, producing 148 hp
(108.8 kW) at 13000 rpm and 88 Nm (8.97 kgm) of peak torque at 10600 rpm. The
advanced MVICS electronic platform (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) allows
the rider to effectively manage the performance utilizing the Ride by Wire system together
with the available multimaps (three predefined maps and one fully customizable map)
together with 8 levels of traction control.

The frame is a composite structure consisting of a lightweight front steel trellis coupled to
the aluminum alloy side plates that act as the fulcrum for the iconic single sided swingarm.

The suspension, Sachs mono-shock and Marzocchi front forks, have been tuned to keep
the chassis in composure at the limit without sacrificing the nimble handling. The high
ratio of swingarm length to the wheelbase (576.5/1380 mm) ensures maximum traction
and perfect weight distribution.

The racing DNA of the RC model is evident at first glance. The race replica graphics are a
tribute to the nuomerous victories obtained by Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti in WSS
competitions worldwide, and each bike is personally signed by the the riders on the side
panels as evidence of their partecipation in the developement of this very exclusive model
together with MV Agusta Reparto Corse.

In tribute to the numerous laps and races led and won by MV Agusta in international
competitions, a special accessories kit is included with each of the 350 F3 RC replicas.
This unique collection of special parts – including the license plate holder and single seat
cover – are assembled by hands in the historic Schiranna Factory to enhance the racing
heritage of the F3 RC. Also included in the special parts kit is the rear wheel replica stand
as well as a dedicated bike cover which protects the elegance of this three-cylinder
masterpiece. Each individual F3 RC comes complete with a signed certificate of origin
which guarantees the exclusivity of this very unique motorcycle and its unwavering
dedication to advanced technology, craftmanship, design and performance.

The MV Agusta F4Z

Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2016: The MV Agusta F4Z goes beyond
traditional customization to become a collectible Atelier motorbike


Chantilly, September, 2016. At the third international Concours d’Elegance Chantilly Arts & Elegance, the F4Z is the first Atelier motorbike to be created by the historical Milanese coachbuilder in collaboration with the bike manufacturer from Varese.

MV Agusta has attained international renown for its advanced technology, high performance and unique design, making it one of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in the motorcycling world. Its legend has been consecrated by 75 world championships (37 Manufacturers’ and 38 Riders’) and is celebrated by a range of products capable of winning the most coveted specialized critics’ awards.

MV Agusta’s product portfolio is based on two main platforms, comprising three- and four-cylinder models with a displacement of 675 to 1100 cc and occupying the supersport, superbike, sport-naked and crossover segments.

The only remaining Italian coach building company to be independent and still in the hands of its founder’s family, Zagato shaped the F4Z, based on the standard mechanics of the MV Agusta F4, as a one-off piece for a Japanese entrepreneur, collector of Zagato cars as well as Italian motorbikes.


The MV Agusta F4Z’s bodywork was designed and engineered by the Zagato team and built with noble materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. It consists of a limited number of relatively large panels: this is the characteristic that, in the motorcar world, sets apart collectibles from mass produced automobiles.

Compared to the production MV Agusta F4, the F4Z features an entirely different bodywork. Some parts had to be adapted and re-engineered, others fully replaced by components that were made specially: intake manifolds, fuel tank, battery, exhaust system.

For MV Agusta, founded in 1945 by Domenico Agusta, the F4Z represents a different result compared to the traditional rules of customization in the motorbike sector, witnessing the brand’s entrance into the niche of collectibles, built on request and expression of exclusivity, uniqueness and investment in durables.

For the company founded by Ugo Zagato in 1919, that specialized in light 2 door/2 seat bodies (coupe or spider) right from the start, the MV Agusta F4Z represents instead a digression beyond the car universe, their traditional field of expression. Nowadays Zagato is a modern Total Design Centre and coach building Atelier, able to blend and balance the most advanced engineering technologies, the use of innovative materials and the traditional workshop production procedures.


The design team of the Zagato Atelier had to tackle the challenge of creating a bike that would interpret the lifestyle of the customer, a young Japanese businessman, president of a holding with interests in the fashion and publishing sectors.

The starting point was the notion that a motorbike expresses its owner’s lifestyle a lot more than a car. Therefore, it was essential to know and understand the character, passions and wishes of the person to whom the bike was destined.

The collector or investor who turns to the Zagato Atelier requesting an exclusive piece is certainly someone with a strong passion. The love for bikes of the client dates back to the Eighties, when he bought his first motorcycle and started to customize it with his own hands. It was his visceral passion that stimulated the designers’ creativity. He didn’t want anything modern, fashionable, but something that could instead keep its value and appeal. What he wanted was a motorbike that wasn’t comparable to any other, that
was classic, but always up to date and with a timeless design.

MV Agusta: The Adventure Continues



Varese, July 5, 2016 – MV Agusta presents the “Emotion Road” programme, the first true motorcycle vacation package designed to permit tourists from around the world to discover Italy while riding the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800. Well aware of the growth in visitors to our country, the Schiranna-based company is proud to take a leading role in a tourism project that will allow anyone to explore the wonders of Italy aboard the ultimate
“Made in Italy” motorcycle.

Through the joint efforts of MV Agusta and specialist travel company Novara Pop Srl, and with the support of AIAV (the Italian Association of Travel Agents) and De Petri Adventure (http://www.mvagustaadventure.com), “Emotion Road” offers a truly unique travel experience. The fortunate group of motorcycle enthusiasts taking part in the programme will travel along the most picturesque routes in Italy, and will stay in the most exclusive
and atmospheric hotels. This will result in an unforgettable experience exploring the beauty of Italy while experiencing the all-round performance of the fabulous MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800; a bike which combines the soul, elegance and authenticity embodied in the term “Made in Italy”.

The unique nature of “Emotion Road” lies in its ability to offer a turnkey package combined with an original approach to tourism. It provides a perfect solution for customers seeking to satisfy their desire to discover Italy while experiencing the country’s natural beauty and spirit of adventure.

The journey will be enriched by the presence and expert guidance of Alessandro “Ciro” De Petri, who will guide the tour aboard an MV Agusta motorcycle.

For more information: http://www.googitaly.com/Idee/Moto-turismo

MV Agusta and Pirelli Create a New Brutale 800

MV Agusta and Pirelli, the new DIABLO ROSSO™ III and new Brutale 800:
A special project to celebrate ‘Made in Italy’

The two Italian brands created a special version of the latest naked from the Schiranna-based company which selected the brand new Pirelli tyres as original equipment for this model

“Diablo Brutale”, as this single unit has been renamed, is a tribute to design, craftsmanship, sportiveness and high technology of the latest supersport tyre of the DIABLO™ family

Varese/Milano, 17 May 2016 – MV Agusta and Pirelli have been working together for several decades and, since 2011, the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer has decided to rely only on the brand of the elongated P symbol to equip all its models.

MV Agusta and Pirelli are both well-known and appreciated brands all over the world: they have managed to make design and showcase ‘Made in Italy’. They combine maximum sportiveness and innovation, their core values which are recognised by all motor fans and, in this specific case, by motorcycle lovers.

On the one hand, the last technological evolution of the DIABLO™ range, the DIABLO ROSSO™ III, which is the new supersport tyre from Pirelli, born from the track to the road, redefining the concept of sports riding taking it to the new level. Its strong points are sports handling, a high level of grip also in the wet and with long lasting performance.

On the other hand the Brutale 800, a motorcycle whose original project dates back to 2001 and that – year after year – was renovated in its style and spirit, to remain loyal to itself, and to its ability to amaze and conquer new generations of enthusiasts. The new Brutale 800 is an example of Made in Italy technology that has dictated new design guidelines in its segment.

The Diablo Brutale is a single unit of the new MV Agusta Brutale 800 which was born as a tribute to design, sportiveness and high technology of the last supersport tyre of the Pirelli DIABLO™ family, which was chosen as original equipment for this machine. It also celebrates the historical partnership between MV Agusta and Pirelli, two companies which have long and worldwide appreciated traditions in the motorcycling world.

Diablo Brutale presents an attractive matt black color which is interrupted only by a luminous red as a reference to the tyre logo. MV Agusta has decided to pay homage to the new Pirelli tyre through some graphical elements. The DIABLO ROSSO™ III logo appears on the tank’s side, while the typical ‘thunder’ groove of the tread pattern, which represents a tyre’s trademark, appears on the tank as well as on the front fender plus both sides of the tail. Both the Pirelli logo and the red “D” of DIABLO™ appear next to the MV Agusta logo on the top of the tank.

Pirelli has decided to equip this special with a set of DIABLO ROSSO™ III with a red color dedicated graphic, just like the details that give the Brutale the unique spirit of the Diablo.

With the new Brutale 800, MV Agusta questioned the style, engine, equipment and chassis of the previous model with a unique goal: giving birth to the best Brutale ever. The same goal achieved by Pirelli with the development of the DIABLO ROSSO™ III, the direct descendent of the renowned and highly rated DIABLO ROSSO™ II, which raises the bar of sport riding even higher than the previous model and extends the qualities of its predecessor, strengthening its features in terms of handling and grip, with long lasting performance.

The Brutale 800 has DIABLO ROSSO™ III tyres as original equipment with the following sizes: 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) TL front, 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) TL rear.

The Entire History of MV Agusta in a Book



Varese, April 5, 2016 – “MV AGUSTA From 1945 to the Present” is a completely recreated and updated edition with the graphic content of the historical monograph by Mario Colombo and Roberto Patrignani. Dedicated to the company of Cascina Costa, reborn in the nineties thanks to the great passion of a man who dedicated his life to motorcycles: Claudio Castiglioni.

Within its pages is the story of this legendary brand and its competitive triumphs by Carlo Ubbiali, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini, which in 2015 celebrated its 70th birthday.

The history is described in two distinct sections; the first part covering human affairs, technical aspects, industrial and sporting achievements. In the second, the systematic cataloging of all the models, both road and track, including versions of the iconic F4, F3 and Brutale models that all exude the concept of excellence in world motorcycle production.

Hundreds of monochrome and colour images enrich the 360-page book dedicated to this
prestigious brand, which has contributions from Massimo Chierici and Franco Daudo, for the most recent part.

This exceptional book is by Giorgio Nada Editore (www.giorgionadaeditore.it) a name in
publishing synonymous with quality for over thirty years, is available both in Italian and

The publisher has a widespread distribution in Italy through the structure of Giunti Editore, the stores “Giunti al Punto” and the “Libreria dell’Automobile” in Milan, as well as a consolidated distribution network for the foreign markets.

For more information:
Italian Edition: http://www.giorgionadaeditore.it/moto_scooters/mv_agusta/mv-agusta-dal-1945-ad-oggi.html

English Edition: http://www.giorgionadaeditore.it/moto_scooters/mv_agusta/mv-agusta-from-1945-to-the-present.html